We offer solutions and services that support the development, efficiency and sustainability of installation systems in all industrial segments.
We support the development, efficiency and reliability of installation systems of companies in most industrial segments: automotive, oil and gas, chemistry, petrochemistry, steelmaking, metallurgy, consumer goods, environment, agriculture, food, both for new projects and modernizations of existing installations.

Part of the VINCI Energies Group, we are a traditional partner in the Industry sector, designing and executing solutions and services dedicated to various technological processes and their utilities, both as a general contractor and as a specialized subcontractor, for:

  • low and medium voltage electrical installations
  • equipment / instrumentation
  • SCADA, DCS command and control systems
  • execution of JT electrical panels (general, distribution panels including MCC type panels)
  • mechanical works
  • automation of technological processes
  • low current systems
  • HVAC systems and installation

Our teams perform maintenance and PRAM verification services for electrical installations and low and medium voltage equipment.
Offering state-of-the-art solutions for redesigning technological processes, which will ensure considerable reductions in domestic consumption, we invest in resources and technology to achieve and maintain quality, security and safety standards.

At TIAB, we share experience and resources with all our clients, based on the cooperation and solidarity of the teams within the network of 15 business units.

Market segments we work for:

Petrol-si-Gaze3OIL & GAS
Siderurgie-si-metalurgie3STEEL AND METALLURGY
bunuri-de-larg-consum3CONSUMER GOODS