We have over 70 years of experience in the design, execution and maintenance of electrical, plumbing and HVAC installations, which we make available to our clients, optimizing each installation and taking into account aspects such as energy consumption, maintenance costs and reliability. All these support one of our goals: to remain one of the biggest players in the installation market in Romania.

Electrical installations

We offer complete solutions and services in the field of low, medium and high voltage electrical installations, for industrial, infrastructure or civil engineering projects: primary and secondary equipment, power transformers and/or internal services, indoor and outdoor lighting, low current burglary systems, fire warning and extinguishing, perimeter protection.

We size, design and install any type of new electrical equipment and provide innovative and quality solutions for the maintenance and optimization of existing ones, in order to reach the most energy efficient installations.

We provide with human resources and own endowments, verification services and preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance for the prolongation of the service life of the equipment and installations.


We size, design and install heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, integrated energy recovery systems, meeting the most demanding technical requirements in market segments, where client specifications and expectations can be very different.
We are able to respond flexibly by offering optimal solutions to the requirements of a market in which the size and complexity of projects are constantly changing.

In addition, our state-of-the-art technical expertise in the origination, design, execution and maintenance of HVAC installations is an indisputable asset.

Industrial automation

For over 70 years, we have been witnessing technological progress in the field of automation, which allows us to offer our clients customized solutions adapted to each generation of equipment, both new and existing.

Safety in the operation of technological processes, simplicity of their operation, but especially cost optimization are some of the benefits of implementing an automation solution.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

We offer BIM solutions and provide our clients with 3D configurations of technological installations: electrical, mechanical, indoor and outdoor, which allow the optimization of projects from the early stages and facilitate the monitoring of technological processes and their maintenance programs.


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