Tertiary Industrial Sector

We support the development of logistics centres and industrial buildings and facilities through innovative solutions that allow the efficiency of projects.

Design, execution, operation of technical equipment and maintenance of installations: we offer global solutions for logistics centres, industrial buildings and facilities, office buildings and shopping centres.

From electrical and communications networks to heating, air conditioning and cooling, plumbing, fire detection and protection installations, as well as with centralized building management systems, we have the expertise our clients need.

In this way, we help them to benefit from less expensive, more comfortable and safer buildings, taking into account all legal requirements.

We use innovative 3D and BIM scanning technologies, in order to streamline projects, but especially to turn buildings into smart ones.

Market segments we work for:

centre-logistice11-1 LOGISTICS CENTERS
facilitati-industriale11-1 INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES
cladiri-birouri11-1 OFFICE BUILDINGS