We participate in the major challenges of the 21st century: covering the need to produce, transmit and distribute electricity by improving the reliability of networks and by modernizing them.

Power delivery and coverage of the transmission need are two major challenges for society. This is the reason why we are actively involved in consolidating and improving the reliability of electricity transmission and distribution networks.

Also, for over 40 years, we have been taking part in the modernization of passenger stations and electrical transmission and distribution substations in the Bucharest metro network, offering our partners assistance in all stages of projects and providing complete design, execution and commissioning services for the entire range of installations related to infrastructure works – underground, overground, rail and air urban transport.

Over the years, we have gained great experience and expertise in electricity production, transmission and distribution projects, the big players in this field benefiting from our services.

With over 120 MW installed in renewable energy production projects, wind and photovoltaic parks, we have proven our agility and professionalism in their construction and maintenance.

Market segments we work for:

Energy-Efficiency1 RENEWABLE ENERGY
transport2 TRANSPORT